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Worst. Idea. Ever. (Thermite)

Posted by Rob August 7, 2009, under Nothing Much, Technological Prowess | No Comments

Leaving aside questions of what you'd have on your hard drive that needed destroying so badly and the fact that most of the 12 year olds using this mod would have to pay for a new floor in their parent's house - What would you do WHEN it went wrong?

I mean compuiters are unstable enough already - now you're going to attach a thermite reaction to them? Really? I don't imagint it'll be the world's most pleasant feeling having a hold burned through your leg while you're helping yourself along to some of that contraband you're protecting.

WIth the new Thermite hard drive destruction mod, you'll be putting out the flames in your now mistreated crotch as the FBI burst in through your door and see the lingering images of Vanessa Hudgens as your mom storms in to see what the fuss is. 


Worst. Idea. Ever.



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