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We blog because we care

Posted by Rob March 11, 2009, under Nothing Much | No Comments

Yesterday, I revealed that blogging is all about the ego. That's still true but there's more to it than that.

We also blog because we care. In some ways we blog more because we care than anything else. We care what other people say about us, what other people think and especially what impact we can have on the world.

I hope he doesn't mind my using him as an example but a very good blog, 6000 miles from civilization is one of the better examples. 6000 blogs because he cares. He cares about a variety of subjects including those important only to himself but he most certainly cares.

In many ways caring about what people think makes people better writers. Imagine if bloggers who claimed they didn't care really didn't. Nothing would ever get written. I certainly wouldn't write anything if I didn't care - I'd just sit and let the blog sit and die slowly. But I don't.

So remember that when you're blogging - you're not only saying that you have a huge ego but that you care about that ego and the people massaging it with comments.

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