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Ventersdorp Escalates

Posted by rob April 6, 2010, under Nothing Much, South Africa | No Comments

After battle lines were drawn earlier today in Ventersdorp, it was hoped that following the exchange of pithy insults both the White and Black races would calm down enough to be rational. Unfortunately, the situation remained tense and matters came to a head when a group of black and white observers taunted each other with song.


Police were quick to step in with razor wire and attempted to calm the situation by leading opposing sides in a rousing verse of Kumbaya. After the second chorus a local woman, known only as Bliksem, threw cooldrink at the black group - triggering another round of singing with intent to harm.


Word on the street is that further demonstrations will take place tomorrow in the same location. A black man, who refused to be named, made this statement.


"Speaking for my people, I believe we have brought it. Our songs have done some real damage to racism today and we think they've proven our point nicely. Those whiteys will think twice before they protest again."


A representative for the White race, who also refused to be named, retaliated by promising widespread singing "of a kind that's never been seen before" and that would "send them blacks back where they came from" [sic]


It is widely feared that recent events may lead to further racial tension and may well escalate to full scale dance-offs in the streets around Ventersdorp.


- Ventersdorp, NotSAPA

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