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#uniteSA 06/04/2010

Posted by rob April 5, 2010, under South Africa | 3 Comments




In this time of uncertainty, it is necessary for rational South Africans to come forward and encourage calm and peace in our country. With recent events in mind, we stand at a crossroads.


Down one road lies stupidity, retaliation and the potential for bloody civil war.

Down another lies a bright future of cooperation and healing, of discussion and empathy.


Sipho Hlongwane's latest article on the leadership vacuum we find ourselves faced with lays the groundwork for a more united South Africa, a South Africa that talks about the problems we have in an open; honest and forthright manner rather than resorting to petty violence and recriminations.


The time has come to take South Africans by the hand and unite them in the common cause of bettering our country.


On Tuesday 06th April, join together on Twitter; Facebook; blogs and anywhere else, under the banner of #uniteSA to help bring about a brighter future and appeal for peace and unity in these troubling times.


We will prepare a statement for blogs (or craft your own) but please, mail [email protected] to be added to the blogroll and show your support.

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Currently have 3 Comments

  1. Good idea, count me in.

  2. Thoroughly love this idea. No sides. No killing of anybody. Only united South Africa.

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