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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

Posted by Rob March 7, 2010, under Tweets & Twits | No Comments
  • OK, I have a R700 adwords voucher and no way to spend it. First person saying "I" gets it. Any takers? #
  • It always shocks me how awesome Doctor Who is. #
  • There were goat feet where our rubbish goes. #onlysa #
  • Ola again. #
  • Oh save me. It's time for work. @Jhbprincess Are you on board for some work? :) #
  • Fighting with PHPBB3. How much fun is that eh? I mean really, we're talking cutting edge technology here. Hard hitting IT. #
  • YES PHPBB. You are my little biotch. Now if only @6000 wouldn't keep getting logged out. #
  • Will be shaving my head for Cancer on Sat. Any shave-a-thons elsewhere? Before and after pics will happen. #
  • Have received the form of Satan from the Dept. Of ed. Curses. Six pages of stuff about ICT. #
  • Why on earth do I always have to fight with TweetDeck? #
  • Time for some Lost followed by some Alice. How're all the tweetlings tonight? #
  • Oh me, oh my. It's Saturday and I have to go to the bloody traffic department. #
  • Aaaand the traffic dept. Is no longer open on Saturdays. Screw you working people. #
  • - Cancer shavathon today. Boy my head is chilly. #
  • Haven't read the book yet but all the characters in Inkheart the movie are retards. #
  • Watched Daybreakers, kinda enjoyed it. Totally over the top but interesting. Also, cheesy. #
  • Wonderful weather here in EL today. Had a swim, tea and should probably do some work now I suppose. #

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