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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

Posted by Rob February 21, 2010, under Tweets & Twits | No Comments
  • You know, I'm pretty sure Mondays are banned by those Geneva folks. #
  • I am really, really beginning to despise people who don't read their email... And then bitch that they weren't told. #
  • I don't know if I've mentioned it but I love the new BB twitter application. Notifications could be better though. #
  • How many people have Blackberries? Hit me with your PIN, come on! :) #
  • Good morning. What a fantastic start - all my copy machines are out of order. #
  • What a total failure by WebAfrica to bring down prices. R1 cheaper now. Stop the presses! #
  • Now for a meeting. Guy from GEMS is going to try sell us stuff. Woo. #
  • Quite keen for pancakes tonight. Then some squash to wipe out the pancakes. #pancakeday #
  • Eheheheh. Time for a gala. First child with a funny name: A.Mandla. #
  • I really hate users. From the depths of my soul. #
  • Watching the pilot for V. Interesting. #
  • I think it's time for Apple to slow the hell down. ( #
  • Anyone have some suggestions for other columns in my TweetDeck? :) I have "All Friends" and "Mentions" #
  • RT @ginidietrich: Nine tips for getting started on social media <-- If you aren't already, you should read Gini's stuff. #
  • Why on earth does TweetDeck have such a large input bar when Twitter is limited to 140 characters? #
  • Time for some good, old fashioned work. And perhaps some Dune. #
  • RT @MandyPandy32: It's all about the ....Walking 26 miles wearing my bra and a smile... Pls RT x #
  • I so need to read the Dune books again. Very much better than the miniseries. #
  • I mean really - Stilgar looks like a car salesman and Sardaukar look like Scots. Bah. #
  • RT @Twitter_Tips: Security bug opens Google Buzz to hackers #
  • Aaaand 19 games of squash has caught up with me. Ouch. Morning. #
  • Another gala today. Wheee. #
  • I had no food at all. #
  • Now a nice supper and a movie. I love Fridays. Speaking of which - Anything SEOy: @genidietrich, Always witty @blindcripple #ff (more later) #
  • Who likes short shorts? I like short shorts. Incidentally, @angelagillham is quite short and @jhbprincess is never short of sexiness. #ff #
  • Ending the #ff sass appropriately with @6000 of the razor wit, @jephjaques - God of comics and @acidicice who criticised Oprah. #
  • Something not right about being awake this early. #
  • Time for more snorkelling! #
  • Watching V again. Still quite interesting. #

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