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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

Posted by Rob November 1, 2009, under Tweets & Twits | No Comments
  • Wish twitter would stop breaking. #
  • Ok, time to try out ubertwitter. Wish me luck, maybe I'll actually be on more. #
  • I'm afraid I seem to have lost the knack for hashtags. #
  • Die Gently #uncertainmovies #
  • A mildly uncomfortable truth #uncertainmovies #
  • RT @ginidietrich: Great article on how/why to create a niche #
  • I think I've finally found the root of my love of the simpsons. Constant change. Always excellent. #
  • Sense & Psychosis #uncertainmovies #
  • RT @Zombie_Phil: Here's another something for the Twilight crowd: The Fleshlight Succu Dry: #
  • #randomphoto Ceiling fan installed by my own fair hand. Interesting fact? Can support my weight. #
  • Goodnight twitterland. May flights of keystrokes wing thee to thy rest. #
  • An entire day with broken BIS. How did I survive? #
  • Dr Crow #moviesforbirds #
  • So South Africa has a new porn movie called "kwaai naai". Apparently all locally starred and produced. #
  • It's quite possible that if you could see how much I don't want to go to work your head would explode. #
  • RT @6000: Friend had to move overseas for work. Anyone want to take over a cellphone contract? 240 free mins p/m + new phone. Pls RT. #
  • RT @DChetty: HELP: RT @AndrewCrawford: Does anyone know where in Jhb you can buy Polaroid film? #
  • RT @ginidietrich: Privacy is dead and social media is the smoking gun (@mashable) #
  • [video] Star Trek Online #
  • I'm in Grahamstown for a night. What to do? #
  • I am 21392D8 so there! #blackberry #

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