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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09

Posted by Rob August 9, 2009, under Tweets & Twits | No Comments
  • Why is John McKinley following me? #
  • I have some free time tonight. It's going to be filled with work. Huzzah. #
  • considering doing a bungee jump for charity. #
  • RT @DianePrange: When your brand name is your biggest asset, don't change it - RIP Gatorade. #
  • Has anyone heard of DoItForCharity? #
  • Show of hands - who'd sponsor me to bungee jump for charity? #
  • Woot! I have R500 and just need at least another R2000 for the charity bungee. Anyone? #
  • Why does my tweetdeck take so long to tell me when something happens? #
  • I think I'm going to give Thwirl a whirl. Let's see if it sucks or not. #
  • Thwirl is no good. #
  • Right. I'm going to sleep :) And a reminder in case you missed it for some reason: #
  • OK night! #
  • OK, really sleep now! #
  • Gooood morning folks. There's a beautiful sunrise going on - go see! #
  • Hello all you wonderful people. #
  • Anyone whose company wants exposure in the Eastern Cape, sponsor me to bungee! #
  • I have a blissful afternoon of just fixing some PCs. Woop! #
  • Twitter is back! #
  • We0. Got another sponsor for my bungee jump. Still looking for anyone though - the jump will be in September. Highest jump worldwide. #
  • I really need to a) be a better blogger and b) get more traffic. My high appears to be 51 visits in a day. #
  • Right. I'm off for Sushi. Smell you guys later. Aaah the wit. #
  • Back from sushi. Mmm sushi good. #
  • Time to edit some pictures! We0. #

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