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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

Posted by Rob July 19, 2009, under Tweets & Twits | No Comments
  • I have frakkin twitter again. Hooray! #
  • Morning twips, tweeps and twertels #
  • Right. Off to home affairs. Damn and blast! #
  • "The internet allows idiocy to travel at the speed of light." AntiThetical (since everyone seems to be quoting for some reason) #
  • Does anyone know of anything to do in East London? I'm bored. #
  • #FollowFriday Strangely charming @nayes1982 and savvy See Ee Oh @ginidietrich will amaze and flummox you. #
  • Yearning for sight and the ability to walk, @blincripple is intriguing. @Inobles will introduce you to her family. #FollowFriday #
  • Aargh. What's twittercounter? #
  • Final #FollowFriday @aplusk because he's got 2.8 million followers and that's impressive enough. #
  • Goodness me. I've just seen a (serious) document detailing the occult and Prophetic messages in Rihanna's "Umbrella". Really? Bizarre. #
  • I hope everyone is still reading and following @oldtakkies. Truly interesting South African history. #
  • Oh that's a crippling amount of dust on my camera sensor. #
  • Right. Off for a bite and a reboot. #
  • Oh good. Another porn spambot following me. Why? #
  • Ho hum. Saturday means it's almost Monday. I was so enjoying my holiday. #
  • Right. Time to gird my loins (or anyone else who wants) and go shopping. #
  • Dear lord, I'm listening to Celine Dion and I don't know why. #
  • It's Sunday and it's braai time. :) #
  • Fek. School tomorrow. #

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