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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-15

Posted by Rob June 15, 2009, under Tweets & Twits | No Comments
  • Well @JHBPRINCESS, @AntiThetical doesn't know who @lucasgo is and I doubt #everyone knows. #
  • RT @blindcripple: Spain mauling NZ... India (so-called favourites) are out the T20 WC. Good times. @DChetty Guess not then. #
  • But @AngelaGillham, PE is a hole. JHB more so. Besides, @JHBPRINCESS thinks I live there for some reason. #
  • Why you shouldn't eat frog's legs. Well, that and that they're gross. #
  • RT @JHBPRINCESS: @AntiThetical Same difference isn't it...?! @AngelaGillham might have something to say about that. #
  • PLEASE RT Functioning Iran proxies #iranelection (via @TerryBain) #
  • Morning folks. It's a glorious school holiday today. How're you? #
  • #ilovesa because of the weather, the opportunity and the people. Mostly the opportunity. #
  • Why do YOU love SA? Tag it with #ilovesa #
  • damnit. Them, not htem. #
  • Off to clean! #
  • RT @nayes1982: Flip apparently they've just driven a car through the windows at FNB in walmer. @MyNews24 #
  • RT @stephenfry: Our Iranian friends can access Twittr from Port:80 in Tehran. Can avoid govt filters from here. #iranelection #

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