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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

Posted by Rob March 24, 2009, under Tweets & Twits | No Comments
  • Right. Done research for Teacher Blog ( - almost time for my kip I think. #
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #developer #blogger #celebrity (for the future of course) :) #
  • How odd. "Aniston" is one of the more popular tags tonight. #
  • Aah, I see why: Apparently she ended her relationship cos of twitter: #
  • Goodness me. The rate at which Aniston is growing is incredible. Bigger than "Dow" now. #
  • And with that it's time to rest my weary head. G'night Twitteria. Hope your power comes back soon @shebeegee #
  • Up and Atom! Gooo! #
  • Gooood morning Twits. Another fine day on the intertubes with "Ichiro" leading the tweets this morning. How odd. #
  • MAVAV is insane. It's official. #
  • Looks like both Nikon and Vampires have done something big today. Leading by a bunch on twitter. #
  • And breakfast makes a stunning comeback. 31 tweets in the last hour. #
  • Aaah. Nikon is famous because someone is giving one away. Clever ruse. #
  • Aargh - Germany with 9 tweets in the last few minutes. The rise of the Fourth Reich? #
  • And in a total shock to all the world, Meghan McCain says she supports the President. How unexpected. #
  • Excellent. So it appears Shaik has no documents saying he should be paroled. Goooo doctors. #
  • Check if you're alive! The Dept. of Home Affairs demands it of you. (SAfricans only) - Easily done on their site: #
  • Hooray. I'm alive! #
  • I wonder if I can tip the scales by ending each tweet with the word Narf? #
  • The tides are against me. Fortunately it's break time. Narf. #
  • And there go my little angels. Damn. A class of boys next. Narf. #
  • OK, I'm off for break. Be well Twitteria. And don't forget to Narf! #
  • My narf test seems to have failed. Narf. #
  • So Twitteria - are you really that interested in Daniels, 21mbps and Moyles? I doubt it. Narf. #
  • Narf is slowly on the rise. Very slowly. #
  • Twitteria - would it would if I offered money for tweets containing the word narf? #
  • RT @AntiThetical: Twitteria - would it work if I offered money for tweets containing the word narf? (apologies - fixed) #
  • Off for break. Narf. #
  • nonsensical_101 The world is slow to change. Narf. #
  • Direct messages should be allowed to be longer than 140 characters. Blast. Narf. #
  • bored. narf. #
  • Long past home time. Offski! Narf. #
  • Home again. Always lovely. #
  • #tweepletuesday is coming. Have you brought your coat? #
  • #tweepletuesday @shebeegee I'd like you to meet @MandyPandy32 You're both very interesting ladies with good ideas. Hope you've not met. #
  • For example, @shawsywife meet @sarahRobinson, the brilliant mind behind tweepletuesday. You two should get along famously. #
  • For example, @shawsywife meet @sarahRobinson, the brilliant mind behind #tweepletuesday. You two should get along famously. #
  • And with my second buggerup of the day I'm off to make supper. Cheerio for now, Twitteria. #
  • Lamb chops await me my sweets. I'll be back later! #
  • I have created an awesome supper. Excellent. #
  • Playing poker for some reason. #
  • RT @ElderCareRN: Now Octomom has fired her "free" Nannies and says they' spy.<shaking head> These POOR children ! #
  • Righty-oh. Time for bed for me I think. Another day awaits. Goodnight sweet something. May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest. #

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