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Twitter Table. Twable? Twible?

Posted by Rob February 25, 2010, under Tweets & Twits | 1 Comment

In his latest blog post,  6000 summed up Twitter in its entirety

and got me thinking.

So, with much thanks to @6000 (and the fervent hope that he doesn't hate me for it), I've taken the liberty of arranging this simple table so that anyone can see what I'm doing, where I am and what my current nutritional status is at any time - without the tedious need for me to bloody tweet about it.

Thanks 6000, if we're lucky this'll cut down on 90% of my (and other tweets).

Time slot



Woken up, going to work. Aargh, tired. No breakfast.


  • The weather here is wonderful/awful (delete as needed).
  • Teaching kids is fun/boring/castration-worthy/laudable (delete as needed)


Had no traffic to work as drive 1km. Also, East London has no cars.


  • Already well on the way to day end thank goodness.
  • Have slaughtered/praised/taught children (delete as needed)


Will this day ever end? Yes – probably.


  • Freedom! Kids are gone and now I can do some real work.
  • Hungry.


Holding down the fort with kids clamouring for help printing/setting fire to each other/putting out fire/finding porn.


Going home. Don’t care about the thunderstorms in Jo’burg/the mountain/your dealer’s new crack (delete as needed)


Having lunch. Bit late but better than nothing.


Still no rush hour traffic. Wonder where it’s gone?


Fek. Must think of supper. Bread or a convoluted cooked dish?




Watching things. Usually an irritating imported American prime-time show.


Awake/Asleep working/reading/sleeping (delete as needed)


There we go. A wonderfully comprehensive and foolproof guide on my activities.

Feel free to print out a copy and keep it on your wall.



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  1. Hehe maybe you could just summarise all that in one daily tweet, "I came, I saw, I conquered".

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