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The Twitter Effect

Posted by rob March 27, 2010, under Nothing Much, Technological Prowess | 1 Comment

I'm not sure we've thought this whole social networking thing through properly.


I think relatively few people have realised what Social Networking has the potential to do and become. And when we start talking about companies that list dwindles significantly to around 40 (thanks to Mashable)


It's been pointed out lately that something has gone wrong with the whole gamut of services like Twitter, Facebook and so on. The problem? Social Networking is becoming dominated by business, not people.


I don't mean the innovative businesses that are using Social Networking to actually interact with their customers in a meaningful way. I'm talking more about those companies using Twitter to push their products and corporate agendas.


If I had a big virtual newspaper right now I'd be smacking those businesses on the nose with it - they need to learn that if they don't stop polluting social networks with what boils down to Marketing crap people are going to start leaving for better, newer services.


Do a quick exercise. Look around at the last 100 tweets on your timeline and the last 50 groups you joined on FaceBook. If more than 50% of them are businesses or business related (and you're not gaining anything from them), leave. Just straight up unfollow or stop being a fan.


I'm going on a virtual cull this morning and I'm going to remove anyone or anything that isn't actually at all interesting to me.


Don't follow companies blindly or the trend will continue. And none of us want that to happen.

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  1. I did a mass cull on FB a while ago. I was a fan of Bakers Zoo biscuits FFS!! The only group that survived was Batman Arkham Asylum. 
    Twitter may be a little more complicated as people follow you and you follow them back, and it might be seen as a bit rude to just un-follow them. Never the less I did unfollow USEmbassy Pretoria, they just tweet too damn much!
    But if they are 'corporations' just doing a mass-follow of everyone, they get the big unfollow from me too.
    All that said my twitter-feed is getting rather cluttered...

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