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The second way to #uniteSA

Posted by rob April 9, 2010, under South Africa | 1 Comment

This one's a simple one. Everyone should be able to understand it - and hopefully know that it's right.




Nothing in life is one-sided so why on earth should race relations be? There's a play called Avenue Q that imparts some excellent information:


Ready for it?






It's true. Each and every one of us is a little bit racist. Now, before you throw up your hands, roll your eyes and solemnly declare that some of your best friends are black/white/coloured/hispanic/polish take a careful think about it. Are you really trying to say that there's not a single bit of racism anywhere in your entire self? Really?


Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. And, as I said in the last blog, we have a problem. That's you and I we, not some indistinct and blurry We in the distance. As soon as we come to terms with the fact that even Mother Teresa had a couple of racist moments, we can begin to move on and actually do something worthwhile.

Everyone makes judgements based on race. Good news is, you're not alone.


* Fancy font to make you feel better.

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  1. ManBearPanda says:

    I'm only racist when driving and playing poker...

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