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The End of Lost (spoilers)

Posted by rob May 24, 2010, under Personal | 2 Comments

At the moment I'm a little torn. I'm not sure whether to feel upset or happy but I'm guessing it'll settle on a mixture of both.


On one hand, I don't feel as screwed over as the Wachowski Wangs made me feel. But on the other, I'm left with a sort of empty feeling.


Was this really the best way they could think of to end Lost? I mean yes, technically Lost (and the events on the island) were not purgatory but cutting it that fine and making the flash sideways purgatory is a little much don't you think?


Purgatory was discussed (and dismissed if I recall) quite some time ago so it's not like the guys didn't have enough time to think up an alternate ending or two.


Eh, my brain is all over the place here so here's a quick and easy summary. I'll need to watch this again before I have a final judgement.


The Good

  • Oh, how fuzzy did I feel to see them all sitting in the church together? It was heartening. And seeing Sun and Jin get their memories back must have been one of my favourite moments on TV.


  • Kate shot the smoke. Hell yeah.


  • Seeing Bernard and Rose again? Priceless. I totally forgot about them!


  • The gut-wrenching feeling when LockeSmokey threathened Rose and Bernard. Every time he pulls that knife man... every time!

The Bad

  • Essentially, nothing is really resolved besides the most recent of questions. Yes, there are answers to questions that can be inferred but just once it would be nice to have something given to you by the people over at Lost.


  • It was purgatory all along. (You damn dirty apes!)


  • Shitbrick. 6 years? I feel a little robbed. Two, maybe three seasons and I'd be happy but 6?

The Ugly


  • Locke's feet. I mean really. I know it's not nice to mock the crippled but they were nasty.


  • The lovey-dovey feeling of everything. Ick. I'm a sucker for a good bit of love but I don't think it should be used as a kind of modern day Deus ex machina. It pissed me off in Harry Potter and it pissed me off tonight.


  • Vincent. Fucking Vincent didn't get to go to heaven? Damn that sucks. If there was ever a definition of a good dog...


That's not nearly all but it's all I have time to think about now. I need to go through the last episode and rewatch as well as the (probably excellent) Lost Journey video.


Thanks for the ride Lost, it was super. Regardless of how you ended, I think this is definitely one for the record books.


Still firmly a Lost fan,



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Currently have 2 Comments

  1. I was also sad that Vincent never joined them. But speaking of Vincent...what about Michael and his dad? Or was Michael the dad?
    And I dont get it, if Kate flew off in the plane, how did she die?
    Also, how was Locke able to use his legs after how many years of not using his muscles?
    I thought planes couldnt reverse? Has this changed?
    What about Daniel and Charlotte?
    What about Penny?
    My fav couple reunion was Sun and Jin, followed closely by Sawyer and Juliet :)

    • Werl, on Vincent, there are a lot of theories - one of them is that he didn't need to be in purgatory and just went straight on to heaven and/or he is God ;)

      Michael was Walt's dad and he died on Widmore's freighter if I recall correctly.

      The others who flew off the island while Jack lay dying we assume got home fine and died later on in the course of their lives. Hurley and Ben talk and are happy with each other which means they stayed on the island for a number of years.

      Time in the Flash-sideways isn't linear with the real-time so Jack could have died 40 years before Kate and they'd still be in the same place.

      The Flash-sideways were a form of purgatory and the events on the Island were reality which is why Locke was able to walk fine. Planes can reverse, Daniel and Charlotte weren't ready to move on (and Eloise Hawking, his mom didn't want him to leave purgatory anyhow)

      It was great to see the couples reunited - although I honestly didn't really worry too much about Shannon and Sayid.

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