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The ANCYL (and the media) are idiots

Posted by rob March 17, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments


The ANC Youth League made the news again today as they threatened South African Journalists with a revelation of personal information about their lives, business dealings and even credit worthiness. The journalists have launched official complaints against the ANCYL amid more abuse from Mr Shivambu and friends.

What a complete cockup.

I mean really. We seem to be being characterised as a country of people either infighting, calling each other names or lashing out at various organisations.

It's completely unacceptable for the ANCYL to threaten journalists because there have been a lot of stories to do with their leading *cough* light Julius Malema lately. Nobody can possibly pretend that Julius is squeaky clean - but feeding his particular ego fire is not going to help things.

So that's why the journalists are also being stupid - all they're doing with the eternal stories (which get all the conservative lot in SA riled up) is stoking his fire.

All journalists need to go on a course like teachers do. Sometimes you get a child in a class that you know is trouble. The child knows he's trouble and willingly causes it... to be in the spotlight. Shouting at this child doesn't help, punishing this child doesn't help. Because he craves the attention. Know what does work? Ignoring the child. Taking them out of the spotlight. Isolating them.

Julius is a product of the media's campaign against him and like a scratched scab, is only going to get worse. The one and only thing the media can do now that will help is to totally cut him off.

Remove him from the spotlight and he'll wilt. Go on, try it. Refuse to carry any story about Julius.

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