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Julius Malema is right #uniteSA

Posted by Rob April 8, 2010, under Personal, South Africa | 6 Comments

  As much as it pains me to say it and to move off the #ignorejulius campaign, I have to admit that he's kinda right. (and yes, I expect some flak for this opinion)   Not, perhaps, in the way he says things or the manner in which he'd prefer to fix the problems he [...]

Uniting South Africa – #uniteSA

Posted by Rob April 6, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

  South Africa stands at a crossroads – a time in which racial tensions run high and the world is focused on us. Neither the people of South Africa nor the country itself can afford to have negativity and irrational outbursts rule our daily lives.   To that end, UniteSA is an attempt to bring people [...]