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The Tutu Elephant

Posted by rob August 19, 2011, under South Africa | 2 Comments

The Elephant     Let's address the rather large elephant in the room, shall we?     If you're reading this and you're a white South African, congratulations – you are privileged and have benefited from Apartheid. You know it, I know it and so does everyone else.     That's the plain and simple [...]

Price gouging all over #swc2010

Posted by Rob April 11, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

Taking a trip to my local Spar today, I see that even the vendors (those purveyors of quality Fakely, Swutch and Nikee goods) have hit on the soccer world cup price gouging tradition. I was offered a genuine, no-frills Soccer shirt for the princely sum of R280. Madness.

Uniting South Africa – #uniteSA

Posted by Rob April 6, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

  South Africa stands at a crossroads – a time in which racial tensions run high and the world is focused on us. Neither the people of South Africa nor the country itself can afford to have negativity and irrational outbursts rule our daily lives.   To that end, UniteSA is an attempt to bring people [...]