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Posted by Rob April 17, 2010, under Personal | No Comments

Sitting here at Smokey Swallows, I’m somehow reminded of being at the concert of an aging rockstar. Interesting, a little syncopated and just a touch too loud. Generally speaking, I love jazz and this is no exception. These guys are good, heavy even. If I were the type I would even be tempted to call [...]

Bandwagon of tears: Michael Jackson

Posted by Rob June 26, 2009, under Personal | 1 Comment

As of 18:51 on the 26/06/2009 searching for “Michael Jackson Dead” turns up 17.8 million records. I’m not writing about his life or anything he may or may not have done. That’s been played out all over the world many, many times. This is all about the music. Michael Jackson’s music is something that captivated [...]