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Support is slippery… but my blood is still Green and Gold

Posted by Rob June 16, 2010, under South Africa | 3 Comments


As anyone who saw the South African fans leaving in droves this evening could tell you, support is the slipperiest substance known to humankind.



Tonight something fairly tragic happened - Bafana Bafana lost 3 - 0 to Uruguay and were shunted (almost) out of the first round of the Soccer World Cup. Now, whether you feel that some potentially dodgy calls by the ref were to blame or that Bafana truly did play a far sloppier game than Uruguay, the universal truth I'm sure is that it's depressing.



I watched with millions as Khune (a man we'd all come to know, respect and love) was given a red card and taken out of the game and I watched (and felt like crying) while Uruguay's phenomenal number 10 laid another goal on us, effectively sealing game.


More tragic than any of this though was as I also watched, with mounting disgust, the thousands of "soccer fans" flee from the site of their country's defeat before the game had even ended. As one of my friends on Twitter observed "probably gone to take their mirror flags off their cars".


That's bad form people, supremely bad form.


You're not a supporter because your team is winning... you're a supporter because they're your team.


Bafana will not go gently through the rest of this tournament... so why should you?


This is the same team that South Africa united behind against Mexico and dammit, this is the same team we should unite behind for all the rest of the games!


Bafana never stopped believing in you, Mzansi so why have you stopped believing in them?



Until the last whistle of the last game


Until the last Bafana player lies defeated in the mud


Until the last bit of spin leaves Jabulani lying still... I will support Bafana Bafana, I will support my country and my blood will be Green and Gold!

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Currently have 3 Comments

  1. Hear Hear.
    At 1-0 we had a chance of grabbing something from the game. At 2-0 and a man down we were dead in the water. We were, to a man, a sorry bunch on the night. We were too slow, too indecisive, and lacked anything remotely resembling penetration. Uruguay won, not because of the shocking penalty decision and it's accompanying offside and carding issues, but because they were the better team on the night.

    Now if that sounds like me not supporting my team don't misunderstand me. I lay there (in bed, under my warm duvet) watching, and honestly felt truly sad when I saw that card come out. I still, even now, feel sorry for the team, and the country, because of what might have been.

    And in truth, what might still be. The dream is not yet dead. Our future is no longer truly in our own hands, but we still have a major part to play in this tournament.

    And until the dream is in that casket, and buried under 6 feet of soil, the last rites have been administered and the flowers laid, Bafana can count on my support.

    One supports ones team through the good times, and one supports them even more through the bad time. For that is when they need it most.
    To all those people from Pretoria that left early, shame on you. Ex unitate vires folks. Ex unitate vires.

  2. Angry Citizen of RSA says:

    As (Black) South Africans we are used to third class service, (Living in shacks, lack of decent jobs; no toilets etc) now let us accept poor performance of our national team like any other underperferming government entity. It is a shame that, we have accepted this state of poor living standards. I would understand if the guys lost fighting rather than this casual approach to the game with no sense of purpose/urgency. It is not acceptable that, there are players who are guaranteed a place in the national team without putting any effort at the expence of those who work hard but not recognised . I could not believe seeing an experienced guy like Carlos running short of ideas during desicive moments of that nature. As much as we need a little bit of luck from time to time, but we must give it all to be able to say, "we tried our best, but it was not to be". The sooner Bafana Bafana are out of the world cup the better, we will stress less.      

    • Sorry about that - comment system just sent me notification somehow.

      I don't think I can agree about Bafanna. I'll give you the game against Uruguay which was woeful but both the France and Mexico games were damn good.

      I'll continue to support our boys and I'll even watch the games they play outside of the world cup.

      They are certainly a relatively weak side at the moment but I truly believe they can do well enough to keep up with the very best.

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