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Setting some personal goals

Posted by Rob July 10, 2011, under Personal | 4 Comments

Hi, my name's Rob and I'm an IT guy. I'm pretty good at it actually and I'm continually exercising my mind with new coding so that's all good.

Unfortunately, I'm beginning to adopt what I will delicately put as the "typical IT guy" physique and that just won't do. So, personal goals then - which I need to do my damnedest to stick to.

  1. Do 50-100 pullups by month end (I'm not going to limit myself to 3 minutes, that's for insane people like Norio)
  2. Lose between 0.5 and 1.0KG / week for the month of July (new goals to follow in August)
  3. Cut down calorie intake per day by 1000 for July, 1500 for August, 2000 for September
  4. Maintain list of measurements (starting 11/07/2011)

Comments? Crits? Encouragement? Hit up the comments.

That's it, simple and easy. Now we see if I can stick to it. Time to start removing the insulation from my abs ;)

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Currently have 4 Comments

  1. I highly recommend making dietary changes your first priority. Cut out white starches, refined sugars, etc, during the week. Add them in on Saturday or something. Maybe follow Paleo diet like us or do the 4-Hour Body diet. You'll just melt the fat off. Just exercising won't give you the results you're looking for. I find Paleo has helped me recover very quickly - give it a shot? The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolff comes highly recommended :)

    • So far I've just been taking a good, hard look at what I take in and what my activities are. From there I'm going to work on proper eating and then hit up some exercise :)

  2. if you have a weightwatchers in your area i recommend trying them out. not only does it give you weekly check ins, but also helps you know the 'bad food' so to speak. check out my ww posts on my blog where I explain in detail, but basically even when u think ur eating healthily, you might not be (frui and yoghurts are a good example...they are healthy yes, but they contain a lot of kilojoules and in quantities can be fattening). ww is a real eye opener...well it was for me anyway :) oh and ps, there were a few guys in my ww class and they looked great at the end!

    • Thanks :) WW in our area is... not good. When the people running WW are easily 110kg, I have no faith in them. iPad apps are helpful for dietary needs so that's handy.

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