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Posted by Rob July 20, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal | No Comments

I'd love to say I've been motivated to post by my own drives and desires or even that it's out of a loyalty to the tens of readers of my blog.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Well, some things could but they'd really have to involve the FBI and what really happened to Elvis and JFK (later).

In fact, I'm being driven to post by the simple use of CommentLuv on friend Alex's newly born site Old Takkies Indaba. See, when I post a comment on someone's exquisitely well written article to do with South Africa, the CommentLuv widget goes and fetches my last post. In this case, a piece charmingly entitled "Twitter updates 20/07/2009". I know, sure to win various awards and acclaim from around the world.

So, here I blog with almost nothing rushing through my mind (which is a rarity) and almost nothing to say. The only thing I'm moved to comment on is the flagging passion that runs through all of us - the manner in which motivation flees our very presence is something that interests me.

In many ways, I've become a slave to the passions of the various things I enjoy doing - I.T., reading, writing,sites and so on. Although I spend a fairly minimal time doing all but one of those, they collectively take up a gigantic amount of my time. Perhaps I need to schedule better... or perhaps it's good that I'm filled with this slow-burning passion for all and sundry.

Who knows? All I do know is at least CommentLuv thinks I'm ahead of the game now.

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