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My R260 retreat

Posted by Rob March 11, 2010, under South Africa, Tweets & Twits | No Comments

It's not often that I backpedal (how could I when I'm never wrong?) but today is one such occasion.

*pause for collective gasp to die down*

Initially I was *cough* skeptical about @BecauseI and her wiley way of getting a mere 500 people to buy her a car at the princely sum of R260 a head (in case you're American, that's $34.99).

In my world, people who deserve it hardly ever ask and those who ask hardly ever deserve it.

Briget (I hope) is a little different - she's not asking for a handout, she's in fact running a quite clever advertising deal where you get 3 years of advertising for your R260.

My initial feelings were clear:

It doesn't sit right with me either (though I'm prepared to be persuaded the other way). The lady appears to have overextended herself, runs her own business etc so isn't really the classical charity case. This smacks more of that rash of people in the US a couple years back asking people to pay their bills.

I didn't see anything to do with the advertising when I first visited so, my reaction above was fairly typical. As previously mentioned though, I've done a backpedal.

So I really do encourage my 4 readers to head on over to Briget's site and give her a helping hand to get her car bought. Three years advertising at R260 once off equates to around 36c per day.

That makes sense in anyone's world.

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