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Mweb Uncapped

Posted by Rob March 18, 2010, under South Africa | 1 Comment

Mweb today announced that they would be offering uncapped ADSL (to the tune of 384k) for R219 per month, an amount which is yards lower than any other in South Africa. 


But what does this bold new move by Mweb mean for you?


If you're anything like me, absolutely nothing. 


In short, Mweb's new package is one that tailors to those people who may have heard about uncapped but have no real need of it. That's the moms and dads, grans and grandpas of the internet world. If you use your internet almost solely for sending the odd email to young Timmy who moved to Australia and lives with those nice sheep shearers in Perth then this is for you.


If you like to watch Youtube videos, download things and generally do anything that takes more strain than 2 or 3 gigs a month then this is not the package for you.


Mweb's rather heavy-handed approach to the terms and conditions of their ADSL see to that. Along with a very loosely defined set of rules to do with traffic, Mweb reserves the right to take whatever steps they feel like if they feel you have in any way done something they don't like. 


You also can't use your connection when you're not there - so that means you can't download anything while you're not physically sitting at your computer. No excessive video streaming, no excessive downloading, no excessive transfers of any sort. 


Mweb will have to wait a while before I switch to them I'm afraid. 

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