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Lance Armstrong is a doos.

Posted by Rob March 9, 2010, under South Africa | 5 Comments

So pretty much everyone in South Africa (and various other places) knows that Lance Armstrong was refused entry to South Africa when his passport had too few empty pages.

Just after getting to SA, he posted this on twitter:

Well, made it to Cape Town but can't get in the country since my passport is full and there's no room to stamp it. So...stuck. #really?

followed by

Well, made it in to SA. Not the friendliest welcome I've ever received but we've all seen immigration officers like that. #posterboymaterial

There's been a lot of discussion about this but the bottom line is he cocked up, surely? I mean when you travel it's reasonably imporant to check them. I can only begin to imagine how quickly I'd be sent home if I arrived in Germany or somewhere without valid travel stuff. Are you telling me he just didn't bother to even look at his passport?

It's even on the freakin' American website that deals with travelling to SA.

At least two (2) unused (blank) visa pages when presented at the Embassy or Consulate; one page for affixing the visa or permit by the embassy/consulate and the other page for endorsement of entry/departure stamp by the South African Immigration Services.

Come on Lance - man up. If you make a mistake that's fine - but don't blame it on the officials at Passport Control.


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Currently have 5 Comments

  1. I dont see why everyone is making such an issue, ok so maybe he didnt check his passport before leaving. Big deal, he is in the country now and doing more good than any of you moaners combined!

    He was not saying that South Africa is unfriendly, he was simply referring to the incident, so please everyone calm down.

    • It's mainly that the man has 2.5 million followers so his words about SA carry at least some weight.
      I get that he does good but that doesn't negate his responsibility to the laws of the country. Hence, doos.

  2. he's lucky he got in, they tend to send people home. the fault was actually with the airline who let him on the plane, it's the duty of the baggage checker to check passports for validity - but I guess he's a celebrity so they don't check

  3. he might be a doos but I have dealt with the idiots at passport control in both JHB and CT and they are not the most helpful people out there, a rabid pitbull is more welcoming, bring on the World Kak

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