Rob's Rambling

Jungle Fever

Posted by Rob March 23, 2009, under South Africa | 3 Comments

She grinned as she moved soundlessly through the leaves. The darkness was complete, nothing but a dreary moon behind sullen clouds lighting her way. Though the bush was dry this time of year, her footsteps were sure, finding the right places to step by nature alone.

A flicker of motion a few meters away betrayed her quarry and she hefted her spear, testing the wind. Slowing her breathing carefully, she took aim and let loose with an explosive cast. The spear flew true and impaled the dear, throwing it to the ground in confusion.

Skillfully, silently, she flipped her BlackBerry into her waiting palm.

"@cavemate Skewered Gemsbok. Now to skin it for supper. brb"

Another successful Jozi Jungle Jol

Just for fun for a lady who is without power. Moderately awful I know.

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Currently have 3 Comments

  1. Rob, you've made my evening, truly. You nut!

    Haha, thank you for this xx

  2. Classic. :P
    And if I'm not mistaken, she impaled a deer. *cough*

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