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It’s going to be a bad month.

Posted by Rob July 9, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal | 1 Comment

Time to stock up on the noodles, blow dust off the DVD player and invest in some tighter belts.

So far my car has blown her head gasket, my wife's car is making death rattle noises, my cell phone turns itself off every five minutes and we've got to choke out around sixteen grand to contribute to a new roof for the building.


Tomorrow I get quotes for repairs to my car (as I can't stand the sadness if I fix her again and she breaks) and I go to collect my defunct phone (which requires some R800 to repair).

As well as that, I'm faced with the grim reality that even after my car is fixed and the wife's is running smoothly we may have to sell both and plump for a new one if we're going to get anywhere at all.

Throw in some saving for an overseas trip (hah!) and a possible house and we're starting to skirt some dangerous waters.

Am I worried? Nah. Not really. We'll pull through - we always do.

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  1. We wish you great luck!! just know you are not alone :)

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