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It’s all about the Ego baby.

Posted by Rob March 10, 2009, under Nothing Much | 1 Comment

Don't fool yourself. You blog because you have a giant ego. There is no other reason.

I know you sit there writing your posts about how many sausages your new puppy ate and say things like "If anyone reads this" or "My six or seven fans" but what you're really thinking is "This blog is awesome, I may win a prize."

There are a load of people who embrace this philosophy and I firmly believe we all should. The reason we blog is because deep down we think we're interesting enough to matter. Even if we aren't, why should that stand in the way of a good self-blogging?

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Currently have 1 Comment

  1. Rob'ster... i look at blogging like self masturbation. Sometimes people watch, and and get hooked, and then just want to see more - sometimes they take a peek and just move along and sometimes people join in.

    Either way - it's my pleasure.

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