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Incredible Connection are idiots

Posted by Rob June 25, 2010, under Personal | 2 Comments

The avid reader will notice a trend with most of my blog posts.

I choose an idiot and I blog about them. It's a simple formula and the subjects usually provide themselves pretty easily. I don't think anyone would argue that there's a dearth of idiocy around.

Today it's Incredible Connection.


I guess it's partially my own fault for using them in the first place but dammit, they were cheap.

I bought a laptop from them 8 months ago and it's been something of a problem child. I've already had to send it through for a hard drive replacement and now the bloody power supply has packed up.

I (being the naïve customer that I am) thought this would be a trivial thing to fix.

I'd bring my charger in, they'd verify it was broken and give me one of the many they have in stock.


The first two steps were right on the money but that's where it all goes wrong.


What actually happened after the charger was verified as broken is it was taken away and sometime on Monday or Tuesday it will be sent to Joburg.

Then in a few days another technician will look at my still broken charger, verify that it's still broken and send a request for a new one when he has a spare moment.

In 15 working days, I should have a charger.


Now, do Incredible Connection offer a spare from one of their many? No.

Do they have any sympathy for the fact that my laptop battery doesn't last 15 days? No.

Do they actually give a toss that instead of a laptop I have now got a very expensive paperweight? No.

The singularly unhelpful technician who shrugged when I asked what I should do with my laptop for 15 days really helped.

What a terrific way to piss off a customer.

Congratulations, R300 worth of charger has cost you any future business and any residual goodwill I may have had.



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Currently have 2 Comments

  1. Goodness. Sounds *exactly* like #Vodasure on Legacy Corner, Nelson Mandela Square. Same NAFI attitude, same timeline. Maybe separated at birth?

  2. Sounds like the norm actually, but Incredible Connection deserve it nonetheless. The problem is that we (the consumer) stand divided and fall together - mmmm, that rings a bell but it's all arse-about-face isn't it!
    Unfortunately the 80/20 principal prohibits escape from this Crayfish Basket - we are at the mercy of the ignorant and gullible - they rule the world.

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