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I’m torn.

Posted by Rob June 23, 2009, under Personal | 1 Comment

Pretty much between being responsible and bored or frivolous and interested.

It's bonus month this month and I need to get myself a Birthday present. Now, this could be:

1) DVDs from Amazon. So pretty.

2) Tools, tools and more tools. There are a couple sets of Gedore tools that I'd really like to get my hands on.

3) A small, personal laptop. Something of my own, probably of the micro variety.

So please - help me out here!

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Currently have 1 Comment

  1. or a yummy lens :D hehehe I'd probably go for the thing that will bring you hours of enjoyment...

    The dvd's will get old, will you find time for the tools? and the laptop will become outdated and you'll probably want another one... now enough of the negativity... which one will make you happiest for longest?

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