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Julius Malema has exploded into political... prominence... by making himself hard to ignore. Inheriting a platform that drew attention to the accidental outrages he tripped into, he quickly learned to stoke outrage and roar back at any responses he provoked.
For the media, trying to gauge the state of the nation's health from moment to moment, this makes him a much more attractive candidate than the business-as-usual official announcements of the ruling party proper.
But Malema's sound and fury signify nothing, and his disproportionate voice in South Africa's public conversation is only hurting our ability to speak to one another, and to speak sense when we do. We think it's time to ignore Julius, and invite you to join us.
For the week of 7-14 April 2010, we undertake to talk about this country, its challenges, its promise, its news, and to ignore Julius while doing so.
Join us in this initiative. If you blog, join the roll. If you Tweet, add the hashtag #ignoreJulius to your daily output. However you communicate, take a week off from Julius. Here is the list of blogs that are participating in this initiative:

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