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I did promise

Posted by Rob March 9, 2009, under Nothing Much | 1 Comment

It's 11:22 by my time and I'm squeezing a blog into the end of this very hectic day.
Today everything that could conceivably have gone wrong has.

Coming in to work this morning I discovered that my network was down. Why? Because someone had decided now was a good time to come change the electrical points for our labs. Of course that means that they shut down the whole damned lot of things without so much as a "by your leave" and we were left in darkness. Lovely.

So, in between juggling classes I was forced to sit and try to coax some life out of the other plug points so that at the very least my network would be up and running. Of course, soon as I'd one that everything else went wrong.

Pastel suddenly started playing up and giving errors to all the users. So of course that had to be fixed. Then the printers started malfunctioning, spewing forth pages and pages of pure garbage where users had expected perfect little lines of ink. A half hour dedicated to fixing that little problem doesn't seem excessive in retrospect.

Our ancient old "server" (a 700mhz machine with a 20gb hard drive) also decided that today was the optimum time to drop some of its services. Users left without logins and without mail clamored for attention.

Slot some classes in (poetry, language) and I think I did pretty well. So please, please excuse this pathetic excuse of a blog. I promise I'll do something more useful tomorrow.

You try reciting "In Flanders Field" and the difference between Subject and Predicate while you're fending off users who are certain they're important. Go on.

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  1. A dreadful day. Ah well, there's always the comfort of nush. And the promise of dumplings.

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