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Helpless Hairballs

Posted by Rob July 27, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal | 1 Comment

Today has been a bit of a mixed feeling day really. We live in a complex and (as with most places) some people who live here are not as nice as others.

Some of the more unsavoury sort moved out about a week ago and left three little kittens behind. The cats can't be more than a month or two old and surely hadn't done anything to warrant this sort of treatment.

We fed them and watered them for the last day or so and finally had to call the SPCA today. Kinda sad to see them go off to a place some animals don't come out of but they have a much better chance there than roaming around.

Poor buggers.

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Currently have 1 Comment

  1. it is sad but I think its awesome you helped them! You guys are their Angels so just remember that! They are loved by you!

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