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Gonna do me some designing

Posted by Rob June 25, 2009, under Technological Prowess | 1 Comment

So very soon I'll be bringing a new site into the collective fold. Newsboy will be an interesting new site I hope. We'll see how it goes. I'll also be trying out a bunch of new design stuff.

Design has never been my strong point (think a blind guy with no fingers trying to make a User Interface) so I figure this will be my attempt at getting some skill in that area. I'm adventurous enough with design but I have to mention that the logo will be designed by an exciting new company called dzyn.

They're still in the process of getting their portfolio going but are a great bet if you're looking for logos and such.

Anyway, look for updates on various sites to do with Newsboy. I'd appreciate the input.

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  1. YAY Rob thanx so much :) I really enjoyed doing that logo!

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