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FIFA are idiots

Posted by Rob March 19, 2010, under South Africa | 4 Comments





Continuing the trend, FIFA are idiots. At least if what airline are saying about them is true.


Seriously? We can't use the SA Flag, a soccer ball, a vuvuzela or even the word South Africa now?


Well, if can be the Unofficial National Blog of the You Know What then I'm contemplating changing this blog name to VuvuzelaSouthAfricaSoccerball. 


After all, I will no doubt be posting several 2010 SWC related entries in the future so why not?


By an astonishing coincidence, I own that domain already. How odd.


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Currently have 4 Comments

  1. Next Calenders will be banned because they used 2010 on their cover...So stoopid!

  2. Quite possibly - though I doubt it'll get THAT severe.
    This guy is probably screwed though. 

  3. Hhmm....surprisingly like Harry Potter. You have You Know What instead of You Know Who, there is a Soccer World Cup and there was a Quidditch World Cup...and well we all remembered what happened there....makes you wonder....

  4. FIFA are the mafia of football.
    Makes one wonder how they can enforce their view that use of OUR flag, and OUR countries name is a violation of 'their' rights.
    Mind you, with the number of idiots in positions of power, it probably wasn't difficult for FIFA to talk holes in their heads.
    Correction: Talk MORE holes in their heads.

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