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Dear ignorant racists

Posted by rob May 22, 2010, under South Africa | 5 Comments



You don't know me and I don't know you. Now, I know that doesn't stop you from assuming that I'm just as ignorant and racist as you are but please don't.


If you should see me in the street handing a South African flag to a child or putting flags on my car's mirrors - feel free to keep on driving rather than taking time out of your busy schedule of burning crosses and badmouting entire races to tell me that MY COUNTRY'S flag is ugly.


Also, when you're talking about "those blacks" as you so endearingly put it, please at least try to pretend that you have a few brain cells to rub together. And no, it isn't any better when you don't actually say blacks, kaffirs or darkies but simply run your hand up and down your pasty white face to indicate that somehow whoever you're talking about is just not as good.


I know you think you're not a racist - after all, some of your best friends are darkies right? I'm afraid I have a surprise for you - you're just as bad as the KKK or Julius Malema.


In closing, dear racist jerkoff, please don't assume that because I'm also white I'm just as bigoted and stupid as you.





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Currently have 5 Comments

  1. Three cheers for Rob. Well said!

  2. I have to wonder, dear Robbiness, what prompted this outburst. Who said what and did you tell them this to their stupid faces?

  3. An accumulation of many things really. The top off was when I was putting the mirror flags on our car and some guy drove up saying "Jurre that's an ugly flag hey. Fok." 
    I did shout jackass at him if that helps :P

  4. ManBearPanda says:

    Based on my previous behaviour I can promise the person insulting the flag was not me.....

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