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Cats are weird.

Posted by Rob June 29, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal | No Comments

No really. I have two so I've had some time to observe them.

At the best of times they're peculiar little beasts. A strange blend of cute, sweetness and evil-minded viciousness that puts the worst overbearing parents to shame.

Some of them are also not very good at being cats. A case in point is one of our set, Pixel. She's a demure, placid and distinctly lady-like cat but at all the things that would ordinarily be distinctive in her species, she's sadly lacking.

She can't really claw things, only disembowels little animals with the greatest reluctance and doesn't pounce happily and energetically about the place. In my observation, most of what she does is sit. With the occasional bout of purring.

That being said, she's still an incredibly sweet creature and I would never trade her for another.

Doesn't mean she's not weird though. Of course, that goes double for the other one - Ninja. She's as close to a monkey as I believe it's possible for the feline shape to be. She climbs walls for goodness sake. It's not an uncommon sight to see her scaling fences and shooting across very small ledges with as much care as a particularly brave squirrel.

I suppose somewhere deep inside they both know they're weird. It's quite possible that it only occurs to me because I'm weird for having them as pets.

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