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The HP 550

Posted by Rob June 24, 2009, under South Africa | 1 Comment

Yep. I have decided. Now all I need to do is get quotes and actually get the thing. I looked at the Lenovo S10 (a very small form factor laptop) but in the end decided that I needed to have somethinething to actually work on. Perhaps before I go overseas next year I’ll grab the [...]

Jungle Fever

Posted by Rob March 23, 2009, under South Africa | 3 Comments

She grinned as she moved soundlessly through the leaves. The darkness was complete, nothing but a dreary moon behind sullen clouds lighting her way. Though the bush was dry this time of year, her footsteps were sure, finding the right places to step by nature alone. A flicker of motion a few meters away betrayed [...]

Uncle Zuma in the news again

Posted by Rob March 18, 2009, under South Africa | No Comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard about the admittedly tenuous story being run by The Star and Business Day. Having established your lack of rock habitation, you will probably have noticed the resulting shitstorm from the opposition parties and other “concerned citizens”. This whole thing is beginning to smell of [...]

Pixels to paper

Posted by Rob March 13, 2009, under South Africa | No Comments

One of the problems with having a blog is finding content. Some people seem to have a knack for it and some don’t. I fit into the latter category rather than the former. It seems that every day I think of at least twenty things I should or could blog about and yet when it [...]

A lighter blog: Zombie typing

Posted by Rob March 13, 2009, under South Africa | 3 Comments

Tonight I’ve decided to go for a blog that falls on the lighter side of life. Today a friend introduced me to one of the more interesting typing tutors I’ve seen so far. Generally speaking, Typing Tutors are wishy-washy namby-pamby little games that force you to pop bubbles, save dogs and occasionally fight off sharks [...]

So There I Was (Part 1)

Posted by Rob February 25, 2009, under South Africa | 3 Comments

So there I was, a newborn teacher. I’d led a quiet (and I would like to think Good) life so I thought I should be due a little rest and relaxation after long hours and years at the corporate grindstone that makes up so many of our lives. Don’t get me wrong – my wife [...]

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