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SpeakZA: Bloggers for a Free Press

Posted by Rob March 24, 2010, under Personal, South Africa, Tweets & Twits | No Comments

  SpeakZA – Bloggers for a Free Press Last week, shocking revelations concerning the activities of the ANC Youth League spokesperson Nyiko Floyd Shivambu came to the fore. According to a letter published in various news outlets, a complaint was laid by 19 political journalists with the Secretary General of the ANC, against Shivambu. This [...]

FIFA are idiots

Posted by Rob March 19, 2010, under South Africa | 4 Comments

                                    Continuing the trend, FIFA are idiots. At least if what airline are saying about them is true.   Seriously? We can't use the SA Flag, a soccer ball, a vuvuzela or even the word South Africa now? [...]

Mweb is everything that’s wrong

Posted by Rob March 18, 2010, under South Africa | 12 Comments

With internet in SA.   Not 15 minutes ago I posted a blog about Mweb's Uncapped offering.   As I've been sitting and thinking about it – and reading comments all over the intertubes, I've been filled with a peculiar form of Nerdrage (which is what happens whenever I think about internet in SA).   [...]

Mweb Uncapped

Posted by Rob March 18, 2010, under South Africa | 1 Comment

Mweb today announced that they would be offering uncapped ADSL (to the tune of 384k) for R219 per month, an amount which is yards lower than any other in South Africa.    But what does this bold new move by Mweb mean for you?   If you're anything like me, absolutely nothing.    In short, [...]

The ANCYL (and the media) are idiots

Posted by rob March 17, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

  The ANC Youth League made the news again today as they threatened South African Journalists with a revelation of personal information about their lives, business dealings and even credit worthiness. The journalists have launched official complaints against the ANCYL amid more abuse from Mr Shivambu and friends. What a complete cockup. I mean really. We seem [...]

My R260 retreat

Posted by Rob March 11, 2010, under South Africa, Tweets & Twits | No Comments

It’s not often that I backpedal (how could I when I’m never wrong?) but today is one such occasion. *pause for collective gasp to die down* Initially I was *cough* skeptical about @BecauseI and her wiley way of getting a mere 500 people to buy her a car at the princely sum of R260 a [...]

Lance Armstrong is a doos.

Posted by Rob March 9, 2010, under South Africa | 5 Comments

So pretty much everyone in South Africa (and various other places) knows that Lance Armstrong was refused entry to South Africa when his passport had too few empty pages. Just after getting to SA, he posted this on twitter: Well, made it to Cape Town but can’t get in the country since my passport is [...]

Bungee Jumping for Charity

Posted by Rob August 5, 2009, under South Africa | 1 Comment

 So it’s decided   I’m going to bungee jump for charity   I haven’t fixed a date yet as I haven’t collected the minimum R2500 but I’ve got R500 so far so we’re getting there. I reckon the best place would be Bloukrans bridge (why settle for smaller jumps?) and for a charity I’m thinking [...]

Rugby goodness.

Posted by Rob July 5, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal, South Africa | No Comments

I watched Rugby yesterday and (very surprisingly) I enjoyed it. Anyone who actually knows me knows I am certainly not a sports fan. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’m not a fan of most sport. But actually watching the game yesterday (RSA vs Lions) was pretty cool. Despite the fact that [...]

OldTakkies – Go read it NOW

Posted by Rob June 30, 2009, under Personal, South Africa | No Comments

I’m taking a brief break from my busy schedule of blogging to give you a message of hope, South Africanese and enjoyable reading. A friend, Alex, has started a lovely little site called “Old Takkies Indaba” (for our foreign friends, Takkies are sneakers). It’s a great collection of stories from South Africans both local and [...]

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