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Posted by Rob April 17, 2010, under Personal | No Comments

Sitting here at Smokey Swallows, I’m somehow reminded of being at the concert of an aging rockstar. Interesting, a little syncopated and just a touch too loud. Generally speaking, I love jazz and this is no exception. These guys are good, heavy even. If I were the type I would even be tempted to call [...]

Julius Malema is right #uniteSA

Posted by Rob April 8, 2010, under Personal, South Africa | 6 Comments

  As much as it pains me to say it and to move off the #ignorejulius campaign, I have to admit that he's kinda right. (and yes, I expect some flak for this opinion)   Not, perhaps, in the way he says things or the manner in which he'd prefer to fix the problems he [...]

Extremists are assholes #uniteSA

Posted by rob April 4, 2010, under Personal, South Africa | No Comments

No matter which side of the fence they fall on, extremists are universally assholes. The recent murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’blanche really proves that point.   In a situation where the police are certain the murder was not politcally motivated and the family of Eugene Terre’blanche themselves have welcomed Cele into their home and [...]

A note to ISPs (a rant)

Posted by rob March 31, 2010, under Personal, South Africa | 2 Comments

Listen up and listen good.   I’ve reached the end of my tether with what appears to be a disregard for the truth. Every single ISP (and that includes one of my friends running a small local ISP) is now offering Uncapped at never-before-seen prices.   Here’s a newsflash for all you: If there’s a [...]

SpeakZA: Bloggers for a Free Press

Posted by Rob March 24, 2010, under Personal, South Africa, Tweets & Twits | No Comments

  SpeakZA – Bloggers for a Free Press Last week, shocking revelations concerning the activities of the ANC Youth League spokesperson Nyiko Floyd Shivambu came to the fore. According to a letter published in various news outlets, a complaint was laid by 19 political journalists with the Secretary General of the ANC, against Shivambu. This [...]

Roast Venison

Posted by rob March 22, 2010, under Personal | 3 Comments

My MIL recently gave us a packet of venison to cook as she'd never done it before (we bloody hadn't either but eh).   It turned out pretty well and I'm now pretty confident with venison so yay!   (excuse the cellphone picture)   Here's the recipe if anyone cares:   Main dish   1 [...]

Cooking venison for old people

Posted by Rob March 20, 2010, under Personal | No Comments

I’m about to embark on an adventure of stunning tastelessness. Over this weekend I’ll be cooking around 3kg of venison. The catch? It has to be pretty bland in order to cater for the tastes of my mom and pop in law. Any suggestions? (Boiling is not a suggestion)

A bit of a bust

Posted by rob March 17, 2010, under Personal, Technological Prowess | No Comments

Tonight has been a bit of a bust for me. I managed to get some big things fixed that have been bugging me on but that’s about it. I had hoped to upgrade the chat and make it super sexy but not so much at this time. Hope nobody mobs me for that. Fortunately, [...]

It’s all about communication

Posted by rob March 16, 2010, under Personal, Technological Prowess | No Comments

Tonight’s work is all about communication. While I spent some of last night getting Twitter feeds working for my forum (yay!) – my mission as it stands now is to get a good, solid and customizable chat software suite running. It needs to be: PHP/Flash based Integrated with the forums (one login, one username) Have [...]

Accountability me

Posted by rob March 15, 2010, under Personal | No Comments

Seriously. I haven’t worked on sites in a while – with the exception of this one that is. And I haven’t even started editing the NaNoWriMo book for June. Blah. So now I’m determined. Every night I will be sitting here working. Without fail. First comes, then and after that… I dunno. If [...]

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