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Ventersdorp Escalates

Posted by rob April 6, 2010, under Nothing Much, South Africa | No Comments

After battle lines were drawn earlier today in Ventersdorp, it was hoped that following the exchange of pithy insults both the White and Black races would calm down enough to be rational. Unfortunately, the situation remained tense and matters came to a head when a group of black and white observers taunted each other with [...]

The Twitter Effect

Posted by rob March 27, 2010, under Nothing Much, Technological Prowess | 1 Comment

I’m not sure we’ve thought this whole social networking thing through properly.   I think relatively few people have realised what Social Networking has the potential to do and become. And when we start talking about companies that list dwindles significantly to around 40 (thanks to Mashable)   It’s been pointed out lately that something [...]

Blog redesign

Posted by Rob March 13, 2010, under Nothing Much | 2 Comments

Hooray, I’ve changed the layout and functionality of the blog as well as installed a lovely little theme that I think looks much better. Now I just need to start blogging a whole lot more. Someone want to help me out with that?

Southwest Airlines are idiots

Posted by Rob March 10, 2010, under Nothing Much, Personal | 2 Comments

Almost everyone has heard about the controversy surrounding the Kevin Smith/South West Airlines debacle but just in case you haven’t, here’s the skinny: Kevin Smith (a large lad) had booked two seats on a South West flight – he changed his flight and SWA seated him in a single (because there wasn’t space) and then [...]

Worst. Idea. Ever. (Thermite)

Posted by Rob August 7, 2009, under Nothing Much, Technological Prowess | No Comments Leaving aside questions of what you’d have on your hard drive that needed destroying so badly and the fact that most of the 12 year olds using this mod would have to pay for a new floor in their parent’s house – What would you do WHEN it went wrong? I mean compuiters are [...]

Helpless Hairballs

Posted by Rob July 27, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal | 1 Comment

Today has been a bit of a mixed feeling day really. We live in a complex and (as with most places) some people who live here are not as nice as others. Some of the more unsavoury sort moved out about a week ago and left three little kittens behind. The cats can’t be more [...]


Posted by Rob July 20, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal | No Comments

I’d love to say I’ve been motivated to post by my own drives and desires or even that it’s out of a loyalty to the tens of readers of my blog. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Well, some things could but they’d really have to involve the FBI and what really happened [...]

Rihanna and the Occult

Posted by Rob July 17, 2009, under Nothing Much | No Comments

I don’t ordinarily post about the occult on here. In fact, I think this is my first post anywhere that has anything to do with the occult. However, it’s simply too serious a topic for me to ignore. Rihanna is an agent of evil and is intent on enslaving all humankind with her song Umbrella. [...]

I have 28 books to read

Posted by Rob July 15, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal | 1 Comment

And that’s actually a good thing I’ve figured out that I have 28 books that I want to read in the next little while. It makes me very happy that I have an unbroken line of stuff to dig into. In case anyone cares, they are: Soul of the Fire (Terry Goodkind) 6 more Terry [...]

So probably no house…

Posted by Rob July 15, 2009, under Nothing Much, Personal | No Comments

So it turns out that what with the economy, our financial position and generally the bank’s skittish way of dealing with people (requiring a 10,20 or even 30% deposit) the chances are good we won’t be getting a house. All is not lost – we do have an offer in for one so we’ll see [...]

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