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Bandwagon of tears: Michael Jackson

Posted by Rob June 26, 2009, under Personal | 1 Comment

As of 18:51 on the 26/06/2009 searching for "Michael Jackson Dead" turns up 17.8 million records.

I'm not writing about his life or anything he may or may not have done. That's been played out all over the world many, many times.

This is all about the music.

Michael Jackson's music is something that captivated me like almost no other I've ever heard. I have a very wide ranging taste in music that includes classical, jazz, heavy metal, pop, rock and just about anything and there's nothing quite the same.

Brahms is great, Beethoven is awe inspiring but Michael Jackson has that illusive magical quality that gets your feet tapping, your heart soaring and your head bobbing.

When MJ sings, there's something in there that reaches right down deep into your soul and tugs at strings. "Will you be there" makes you nod, feet tap out a crunchy rhythm and want to be part of the song.

Nobody can doubt that he was a performer - those who have been to his concerts will know what I mean. Without a shadow of a doubt he poured everything he was into the music, making it as much a part of himself as his trademark dances and shrieks.

Go on, listen to "Heal the world" and tell me you don't feel like part of something bigger, that there isn't something inside you that genuinely wants to go out and make people better.

Let "You are not alone" wash through you, taking away everything that's sad inside you, bring you close to the brink of your saddest memory and raise you right up again.

In the coming weeks there will be many stories about how he lived and how he died. I'm going to try and think back to this post and keep the way I feel now with me. I can't make much more of a tribute than this. Norio will be making a tribute ballad that I look forward to hearing so perhaps that'll do for me.

I'll leave you with some of his words. Think about them.

"In our darkest hour
In my deepest despair
Will you still care?
Will you be there?
In my trials
And my tripulations
Through our doubts
And frustrations
In my violence
In my turbulence
Through my fear
And my confessions
In my anguish and my pain
Through my joy and my sorrow
In the promise of another tomorrow
Ill never let you part
For you're always in my heart."

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