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Apple Schmapple

Posted by rob April 1, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

Apple is, when you get right down to it, exactly like Nike.



Nike sells overpriced goods, Apple sells overpriced goods. The comparison is inevitable. In the same way as Apple appeals to Super Fans and fashionistas who believe that sleek looks make better designers, Nike appeals to athletes who believe that somehow the positioning of a Swishâ„¢ somehow transforms the shoe into something greater than it's 13c cost to manufacture.


Since it seems almost impossible to get pictures of the inside of an Apple Manufacturing plant, I have to assume that it looks pretty much the same as any other technology workpit run by the same slack jawed automatons that put together your DVD player. So where on earth does all the appeal come from? It certainly can't be from the stupendously high retail prices that Apple charges.


I'm sure someone will mention the User Interface/Experience to me. And that's a damned valid point. It's the only reason left why I would love to get my hands on an iPhone to play with and see if it really does live up to all the hype. If it does, so be it.


Myself, I've always been a fan of North Star shoes. They're about a sixth the price of Nike, last at least as long and surprisingly cover my feet just as well.

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