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A note to ISPs (a rant)

Posted by rob March 31, 2010, under Personal, South Africa | 2 Comments

Listen up and listen good.


I've reached the end of my tether with what appears to be a disregard for the truth. Every single ISP (and that includes one of my friends running a small local ISP) is now offering Uncapped at never-before-seen prices.


Here's a newsflash for all you:


If there's a cap or limit imposed on my connection in any way, be it "rolling threshold"; "suggested download" or the suddenly popular "fair use" then it's not bloody uncapped. At all.


What you're selling me in all of those cases is a capped account dressed up as something its not. Stop doing it, it's irritating and douchey. If you must offer these services (crippled as they are), at least call them "High Cap" or something. Even Afrihost for whom I had so much hope has limited people to 60gb now. What the hell is that?


Just so you know, part of the Advertising Standards of South Africa says this:


Advertisements should not be so framed as to abuse the trust of the consumer or exploit his lack of experience or knowledge or his credulity.


See that right there ISPs? That's what you're doing.


I blame you entirely. I'm aware that this is a rant and it'll probably be unpopular but holy crap it's starting to annoy me the way people in this country are fleeced for every damned reason.



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