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A lighter blog: Zombie typing

Posted by Rob March 13, 2009, under South Africa | 3 Comments

Tonight I've decided to go for a blog that falls on the lighter side of life. Today a friend introduced me to one of the more interesting typing tutors I've seen so far.

Generally speaking, Typing Tutors are wishy-washy namby-pamby little games that force you to pop bubbles, save dogs and occasionally fight off sharks by spelling words correctly.

Who on earth wants that? Certainly not me. For that reason alone, I am happy to introduce you to "The typing of the Dead"
The software is free for download and if you can wade through the french on this site and don't use iBurps for your daily intertube fixing, you'll be slaying zombies in no time.

Come on, doesn't it look fantastic? What could possibly be more appealing than slaughtering the shuffling undead by typing "Daffodil"?

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Currently have 3 Comments

  1. Right boss - hook me up with a copy (you know me and my poor internets)...

  2. It may not be as fun, but I quite liked QWERTY Warriors -

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