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4 Hour Body: Day 3

Posted by Rob July 28, 2011, under Personal | No Comments

It's Day 3 and so far I haven't grown tired of anything on the 4HB - the recipes are many and the food is pretty good (Not sure if it'll continue like that but I guess we'll see)

I'm getting into the routine of everything now - wake up 6:30 (which I would anyway), drink +- 1l cold water, cook breakfast, eat breakfast.

I've decided to measure every two days rather than every week as I know how low my tolerance is for this sort of thing - I need frequent reminders or I'm simply going to stop.

I'm feeling better than I have for a while which is nice and I've stopped having the urge to snack (because I'm eating SO FREAKIN' MUCH).

In other news, I went for my first run-around-the-block yesterday and it nearly killed me! I stopped exercising about 8 months ago and this is the first real bit I've done since then.

Holy crap, I am unfit! I'm aiming to do this around 3 times a week until I can handle longer distances so look forward to many blog posts about how sore I am.

I am an exercising baby at this stage.

How I feel right now


So, on to the good, the bad and the ugly. Measurements!

July 28

Weight: 84.5

BMI: 25.0

L Bicep: 35

R Bicep: 35.5

Waist: 97

Hips: 99

L thigh: 56

R thigh: 56

Total: 374.5


That's right baby - down all over the place :) At the moment I'm skeptical and unsure if the gains will stay or not. I also really need to find a way to do body fat measurements.

I will start replacing some of the weight loss with muscle building soon so I don't expect to see such drastic changes in weight over the whole course but as Tim says - Inches (CM) are what counts!


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