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4 Hour Body: Day 1

Posted by Rob July 25, 2011, under Personal | No Comments

So, after having looked at a number of diets, plans and so forth, I've settled on the Four Hour Body that Tim Ferris is behind.

It sounds interesting, touting high-protein, low carbs and some quite interesting ideas.

Measurement is important to the 4 Hour Body and since I do so enjoy seeing actual physical results, I'm glad to have something to compare with.

Measurements cover:

  • BMI
  • Weight (once a week)
  • TC (total centimeters)
  • Some other more technical ones that I don't have access to yet.

So, here are today's figures: 

July 25

Weight: 88.5 kg

BMI: 26.1

L bicep: 35

R bicep: 35.5

Waist: 97

Hips: 100

L thigh: 58

R thigh: 58

Total: 383.5

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