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4 Hour Body: Day 3

Posted by Rob July 28, 2011, under Personal | No Comments

It's Day 3 and so far I haven't grown tired of anything on the 4HB – the recipes are many and the food is pretty good (Not sure if it'll continue like that but I guess we'll see) I'm getting into the routine of everything now – wake up 6:30 (which I would anyway), drink [...]

4 Hour Body: Day 1

Posted by Rob July 25, 2011, under Personal | No Comments

So, after having looked at a number of diets, plans and so forth, I've settled on the Four Hour Body that Tim Ferris is behind. It sounds interesting, touting high-protein, low carbs and some quite interesting ideas. Measurement is important to the 4 Hour Body and since I do so enjoy seeing actual physical results, [...]

Setting some personal goals

Posted by Rob July 10, 2011, under Personal | 4 Comments

Hi, my name's Rob and I'm an IT guy. I'm pretty good at it actually and I'm continually exercising my mind with new coding so that's all good. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to adopt what I will delicately put as the "typical IT guy" physique and that just won't do. So, personal goals then – which [...]