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Incredible Connection are idiots

Posted by Rob June 25, 2010, under Personal | 2 Comments

The avid reader will notice a trend with most of my blog posts. I choose an idiot and I blog about them. It's a simple formula and the subjects usually provide themselves pretty easily. I don't think anyone would argue that there's a dearth of idiocy around. Today it's Incredible Connection.   I guess it's partially [...]

Support is slippery… but my blood is still Green and Gold

Posted by Rob June 16, 2010, under South Africa | 3 Comments

  As anyone who saw the South African fans leaving in droves this evening could tell you, support is the slipperiest substance known to humankind.     Tonight something fairly tragic happened – Bafana Bafana lost 3 – 0 to Uruguay and were shunted (almost) out of the first round of the Soccer World Cup. Now, whether [...]