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Installing OpenQRM on Ubuntu 9.10

Posted by Rob May 27, 2010, under Technological Prowess | No Comments

Seeing a virtual machine purring along is a thing of beauty. OpenQRM is a fantastic web based package for managing your system, private cloud and virtualization technologies. It integrates seamlessly with both KVM and XEN.   So, here's a brief HOW TO for installing OpenQRM on Ubuntu Server 9.10. This HOW TO assumes you've already [...]

The End of Lost (spoilers)

Posted by rob May 24, 2010, under Personal | 2 Comments

At the moment I'm a little torn. I'm not sure whether to feel upset or happy but I'm guessing it'll settle on a mixture of both.   On one hand, I don't feel as screwed over as the Wachowski Wangs made me feel. But on the other, I'm left with a sort of empty feeling. [...]

Dear ignorant racists

Posted by rob May 22, 2010, under South Africa | 5 Comments

Hi,   You don't know me and I don't know you. Now, I know that doesn't stop you from assuming that I'm just as ignorant and racist as you are but please don't.   If you should see me in the street handing a South African flag to a child or putting flags on my [...]

Bad Movies (Part 1)

Posted by rob May 20, 2010, under Personal | No Comments

When I work I inevitably watch bad movies. It helps me pass the time and I know I don’t have to spare too much attention in order to get by.   So far I’ve had: Deep Blue Sea – 5/10 Terrible plot, horrible CGI but Samuel L Jackson has a great moment. Screamers – 3/10 [...]

Crime isn’t a big problem

Posted by rob May 20, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

  In what is sure to be the latest quote that irritates people, Brigadier Chipu has said that crime is "not as big a problem as people thought". I'm always a little leery of taking quotes directly from media about things like this but I don't see how else you could interpret "It is safe, [...]

22 days and I’m rocking it

Posted by rob May 19, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

United 4 Bafana Bafana bracelet … check   Series of South African flags … check   Car window flags … check   Awesomely cool SWC Adidas shirt … check   Tickets to see a game … chec … wait a minute. No.   That’s right – I have absolutely no tickets to see a game. [...]

I’ve learned two things

Posted by rob May 14, 2010, under Personal | No Comments

I don’t need anything more than 4 hours of sleep a night. Kick ass.   It’s taken me a while to arrive at this conclusion because it takes some time to form the effective habits that allow me to do this. Now I manage another 6 hours of work every night. How awesome is that? [...]

Kicking my own ass today

Posted by rob May 9, 2010, under Personal, Technological Prowess | No Comments

So, I’ve been working on and off on a number of sites that are my own personal projects (as if I didn’t have enough to do).   Lately though, I’ve been slacking a little – hence the stagnation that is No more of that though. This is the time that I’ve started working.   [...]

TopTV: First look

Posted by Rob May 4, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

So, our TopTV is done and dusted. It's pretty cool really – there are some kinks and the content is a little old but I like it     Retro is so for me – and with the supposed addition of 50 new channels (10 HD) by the end of the year I'm keen.   [...]

The Quest for TopTV – Part Two…

Posted by Rob May 4, 2010, under South Africa | No Comments

is much shorter than I expected, the quest is over   I have TopTV and so far it's pretty good. I'm enjoying the programming (it's mostly old) and I much prefer the interface to that used by DSTV.   Bit of an anticlimax really. They've made it easy and it shows – if the call [...]

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